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Kleancolor Symp-Honey - Lip Care Set

Kleancolor Symp-Honey - Lip Care Set

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Immerse your lips in a symphony of hydration with the SYMP-HONEY Lip Care Set, featuring a luscious honey lip balm and a replenishing honey lip mask. Seal in moisture with the leave-on honey lip mask, working its magic overnight to restore and condition even the driest and damaged lips. Wake up to visibly rejuvenated lips.

Crafted with a 24-hour hydrating formula enriched with propolis extract, this set is designed to soften dry lips, leaving them irresistibly smooth and supple. The tender scent of honey adds a delightful touch, making your lip care routine even sweeter.

How To Use:

Honey Lip Mask: Apply a generous layer to clean lips before bedtime or whenever your lips crave extra nourishment. Suitable for daily use.

Honey Lip Balm: Glide onto lips throughout the day as needed to indulge your pout with intense nourishment. Keep your lips visibly healthier with every application.

In summary, the SYMP-HONEY Lip Care Set offers a rejuvenating experience, ensuring your lips stay hydrated, soft, and sweetly scented around the clock.

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